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Victorian Bournemouth (107): commercial trends
2nd Period

Victorian Bournemouth (55): commercial trends

Wider footprint. More businesses, choice, bankruptcies. Introduction Victorian Bournemouth (55) provides an overview of developments in the town’s business structure between 1856 and 1871. It explores the size of its commercial sector and its component parts. Inferences about the business climate but also the nature of consumer demand emerge. Significant changes appear to have occurred […]

Victorian Bournemouth (99): holiday venues
2nd Period

Victorian Bournemouth (54): population points

Substantial country town. Continuity and change in skill sets and street profiles. Introduction Victorian Bournemouth (54) shows how population levels in mid-Victorian Bournemouth increased during the period 1851-1871, perhaps quadrupling. Deeper analysis of the resort’s demography suggests changes in the population’s nature as well as quantity occurred. Victorian Bournemouth (54): population estimates What was ‘Bournemouth’? […]

Victorian Bournemouth (53)
2nd Period

Victorian Bournemouth (53): A triptych of images

Barren heath. Fledgling resort. Queen of watering places. Introduction Victorian Bournemouth (53) consists of a triptych of portraits showing its development as charted by press references between 1837 and 1870. These portraits captured the growing town’s image as people gathered it from the newspapers. The press portrayed a barren heath as the site of the […]

1st Period

Retail analysis at early Bournemouth

Introduction Retail analysis provides clues as to the nature of visitors who came to Bournemouth during its early period. Comparison with a sample of other contemporary watering places adds further insight. Bournemouth’s retail economy a microcosm of other spas The comparative sample consists of 15 watering places. They range in size between Bath and Brighton, […]

1st Period

How a media property helped launch Bournemouth

Introduction An established media property, Dr A. B. Granville, answered an invitation to visit the fledgling Bournemouth in 1841. A respected society medical man, well-published, his reputation flowed through a network featuring the royal family and aristocracy. He gave a positive speech about the site’s convalescent qualities. The press reported this. Later, he devoted a […]

Victorian Bournemouth (169)

Infrastructure problems at early Bournemouth

Introduction A recent post highlighted infrastructure problems in early Victorian Bournemouth. Details came from letters written to the press. Deeper analysis of one letter raises an interesting consideration about how to see Bournemouth at its outset. One place in several places Economic factors often explain the origin of settlements. Medieval foundations might begin when a […]

1st Period

Infrastructure Problems in Early Bournemouth

Introduction During Bournemouth’s early period, infrastructure problems arose. They consisted of bad drains and roads as well as issues of design and layout. Some thought this happened because land proprietors and property developers lacked coordination. A deeper problem, however, a fault line at the site’s modern origin, may have contributed to the situation. A stinking […]

Marketing Early Victorian Bournemouth
1st Period

Marketing Early Victorian Bournemouth

Non-stop promotion Introduction Marketing early Victorian Bournemouth discusses how constant promotion acted as a corner stone for its quick success. Soon after the Marine Village began, the area had a name, a positioning and a place on social calendars. Bourne had become Bourne Mouth, then Bournemouth. It appealed not only to wealthy invalids but also […]

Early Period in Victorian Bournemouth
1st Period

Early period in Victorian Bournemouth

Growth. Society. Strife. Introduction Early period in Victorian Bournemouth provides an historical outline of the resort’s development from the late 1830s to 1856. It covers progress of the commercial sector, social matters, but also disruptions. At the beginning came building activity, uncoordinated, frenzied. By the end, the town acquired an Improvement Commission, established by Parliamentary […]