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Victorian Bournemouth (56): events 1856-1871
2nd Period

Victorian Bournemouth (56): events 1857-1870

Improved infrastructure, commercial vicissitudes, enriched society Introduction Victorian Bournemouth (56) consists of an analytical overview for key events during the period 1857-1870. A review of newspapers for Bournemouth’s second period shows the resort improving its infrastructure, experiencing commercial vicissitudes, while its society became enriched. Victorian Bournemouth (56): Infrastructure and Commerce Infrastructure: Commission under the microscope […]

Early Period in Victorian Bournemouth
1st Period

Early period in Victorian Bournemouth

Growth. Society. Strife. Introduction Early period in Victorian Bournemouth provides an historical outline of the resort’s development from the late 1830s to 1856. It covers progress of the commercial sector, social matters, but also disruptions. At the beginning came building activity, uncoordinated, frenzied. By the end, the town acquired an Improvement Commission, established by Parliamentary […]