Month: January 2023

Victorian Bournemouth (113)
3rd Period

Victorian Bournemouth (108): Eastward Ho! (1)

Eastern promise Introduction Victorian Bournemouth (108) explores the background to the process whereby the Improvement Commission annexed the resort’s eastern settlements. Bournemouth also increased its representation on the Board of Guardians managing the Christchurch Union. This subject covers several articles. Victorian Bournemouth (108): geography Population increase During the 1870s population continued to grow within Greater […]

Victorian Bournemouth (107): commercial trends
3rd Period

Victorian Bournemouth (107): commercial analysis (1880)

Growth on growth on growth Introduction Victorian Bournemouth (107) analyses the commercial profile of the area during its third period. The study draws from several directories, the latest published in 1880. In addition, the 1881 census contains important information. This shows that the largest economic sector, based on employees, consisted of domestic service. Directories, however, […]

Victorian Bournemouth (106)
3rd Period

Victorian Bournemouth (106): population and challenges in 1870s

More people: more problems Introduction Victorian Bournemouth (106) analyses key aspects of the resort’s population during the 1870s. It charts population growth, identifying changes in geographical distribution and social texture. These developments brought increasing administrative pressure on the Improvement Commissioners and Bournemouth’s system of government. Victorian Bournemouth (106): overview Substantial residential growth Census figures for […]

Victorian Bournemouth (158)
3rd Period

Victorian Bournemouth (105): the 1870s

Successes and failures Introduction Victorian Bournemouth (105) introduces articles that will analyse social and economic aspects of the resort’s history during the 1870s. Great changes occurred during this decade. Victorian Bournemouth (105): population and economy Momentum The pattern of continuous growth in Bournemouth’s population and commercial establishment did not abate during these years. In rough […]

Victorian Bournemouth (169)

Victorian Bournemouth (104): Q4 summary

More. More. More. Introduction Victorian Bournemouth (104) considers some of the main points that have emerged from studying its second period. Victorian Bournemouth (104): continued and wider attraction Tourist traffic Articles on the tourist season of 1864, the increase in numbers of hotels, and the way in which residents absorbed some of the high season […]