Month: July 2022

Victorian Bournemouth (81): W. E. Rebbeck
2nd Period

Victorian Bournemouth (81): W.E. Rebbeck

A tall poppy Introduction Victorian Bournemouth (81) explores the career and public standing of W. E. Rebbeck, prominent in the resort since its foundation. He had a long and successful career as an estate agent at Bournemouth. He also participated in the town’s administration under the Improvement Commission. The volunteers had him as their sergeant. […]

Victorian Bournemouth (80): photographers
2nd Period

Victorian Bournemouth (80): photographers

Kinship networks. Itinerant lives. Introduction Victorian Bournemouth (80) explores the social profiles belong to professional photographers who arrived by 1871. Photography appears to have had a slow start at the resort, but its early providers shared several social characteristics. Victorian Bournemouth (80): early photography A new technology Image capture and retention without the use of […]

Victorian Bournemouth (79)
2nd Period

Victorian Bournemouth (79): quid pro quo?

Oddfellows. Rev. A. M. Bennett. Negotiation. Introduction Victorian Bournemouth (79) explores the possibility that social power brokers negotiated a deal during the summer of 1864. The possible deal involved the Reverend A. M. Bennett and key members of the Oddfellows benefit society. It concerned a Mechanics’ Institute and toleration for temperance. The basis for the […]

Victorian Bournemouth (169)

Victorian Bournemouth (78): Q2 summary

Identity. Visitors. Persistence Introduction Victorian Bournemouth (78) provides a summary of this year’s second quarter articles. The main themes to emerge include identity, visitor profiles, and persistence. Victorian Bournemouth (78): identity On the map In a few decades a town had emerged from a scatter of ‘poor fishermen’s huts’, achieving an established presence  During its […]