Month: June 2022

Victorian Bournemouth (77): a cloud of clergymen
2nd Period

Victorian Bournemouth (77): clouds of clergymen

Worship reputation for competitive forms of worship Introduction Victorian Bournemouth (77) explores how Bournemouth appeared to attract numerous clergymen as visitors. The resort’s worship practices had created interest amongst the country’s religious community. Press attention developed this attention into a reputation. Some lodging-house keepers may have specialised in accommodating specific denominations of clergymen. Victorian Bournemouth […]

Victorian Bournemouth (90)
2nd Period

Victorian Bournemouth (76): visitors of 1861

Interconnected wealth and privilege Introduction Victorian Bournemouth (76) explores those found in the 1861 census who appear to have occupied the hotels and other known holiday venues. Genealogical exploration of identifiable people provides a picture of visitors’ social and economic profiles. This, in turn, enables speculation on the type of society attracted to the Victorian […]

Victorian Bournemouth (75)
2nd Period

Victorian Bournemouth (75): The Pier

Expensive but valuable status symbol Introduction Victorian Bournemouth (75) examines the role played by the Pier during the resort’s second period. Its mentions weave in and out of the press coverage during the town’s first half century. A prized tourist attraction capable of boosting the town’s economy, like a lightning rod it perhaps drew a […]

Victorian Bournemouth (74)
2nd Period

Victorian Bournemouth (74): resort society

Gossip. Bathing-suits. Respectability. Introduction Victorian Bournemouth (74) explores society at the resort during its second period as revealed in press clippings. A review of Grantley Berkeley’s book of satirical essays included excerpts about how the author saw Bournemouth’s society. A comment published by a local paper touched on a similar subject. The cuttings suggest the […]