Month: March 2021

Rural Kinship Networks
1st Period

Rural kinship networks: the wider context

Introduction Two rural kinship networks, detected amongst the dairymen working in Stour valley villages, may offer insights into the societies in which they lived. The terrain and the people Settlements in rural Greater Westover ‘Milk, butter, and farm-house supplies of the very best description, the valley of the Stour abundantly yields.’ Dr A.B. Granville included […]

Rural poverty
1st Period

Victorian rural poverty: a moral solution

Introduction Rural poverty affected Greater Westover as it did other parts of the country during the early Victorian period. The defined area of ‘Greater Westover’ consisted of villages lying just to the west of the Stour river as well as the fledgling settlement at Bournemouth. Most of these villages fell within the orbit of the […]

Media entrepreneur
1st Period

John Sydenham: Bournemouth’s energetic media entrepreneur

Introduction The career of Bournemouth’s media entrepreneur John Sydenham illustrates how commercial and social success might result from marketing the written word. His main business established at Poole, the new resort, nearby at Bourne Mouth, attracted his attention. He lost little time in establishing a presence at the affluent colony. The press reported his opening […]

A little opposition
1st Period

A little opposition for Reverend A. M. Bennett

Introduction Little opposition prevented the Reverend A. M. Bennett from achieving early success at expanding the size of Bournemouth’s St Peter’s church. Later attempts to extend an ecclesiastic presence within the resort’s social fabric did not have such a smooth run. Zeal for the Lord Energetic support for the church building Reverend Bennett, taking up […]

1st Period

A. M. Bennett: Bournemouth’s well-connected priest

Introduction The well-connected Alexander Morden Bennett’s social position would have matched well with the affluent visitors who came to early Victorian Bournemouth. This position, combining marriage connections with political associations, provided him with good social capital during his long career as Bournemouth’s perpetual curate. A.M. Bennett comes to Bournemouth Bournemouth’s early church building loses momentum […]