Month: February 2021

Fancy repositories
1st Period

Fancy repositories: a mixed bag

Introduction In the early Victorian period shops described as fancy repositories might sell a very wide range of merchandise, offered for the most part to middle-class women and above. The goods covered the expressive arts and crafts, personal items, stationery and trinkets. Business owners included both genders, people having a wide social background as well […]

1st Period

The ‘urban clan’ of Samuel Ingram, builder

Introduction Samuel Ingram, builder and businessman, a member of early Bournemouth’s property meritocracy, appears to have created an ‘urban clan’, whereby relatives and employees dwelt nearby in his houses. Samuel Ingram’s early background The family of Samuel Ingram, carpenter and builder, active in early Bournemouth, came from Moor Crichel and its neighbourhood. Crichel House, the […]

1st Period

Retail analysis at early Bournemouth

Introduction Retail analysis provides clues as to the nature of visitors who came to Bournemouth during its early period. Comparison with a sample of other contemporary watering places adds further insight. Bournemouth’s retail economy a microcosm of other spas The comparative sample consists of 15 watering places. They range in size between Bath and Brighton, […]

1st Period

How a media property helped launch Bournemouth

Introduction An established media property, Dr A. B. Granville, answered an invitation to visit the fledgling Bournemouth in 1841. A respected society medical man, well-published, his reputation flowed through a network featuring the royal family and aristocracy. He gave a positive speech about the site’s convalescent qualities. The press reported this. Later, he devoted a […]